Flowers on the Counter

As the garage door rolled open, I smiled, very happy to be home.  It had been a fun-filled four days away, and I couldn’t wait to unload my sweet girl and my luggage to begin preparing for the week.

And then it happened, the door knob wouldn’t turn. What!?!?  “Why in the world would he lock the door??”  I tried again, but attempt number two was yielded the same result, I was locked out of my home.  My keys were securely on the kitchen counter, and the other set of keys to our home were in the air heading to Philadelphia in Josh’s carry-on luggage.

You wouldn’t have thought this crazy mama had just come back from a Christian conference, seeing the “good” or “potential” wasn’t happing… yet.  It was at this moment that I was so very thankful that I had a sweet travel buddy with me who quickly brought me back to the truth, “I’m sure he didn’t mean to lock you out; he must not have realized that he locked the door when he left.”  {Side note, she was locked out too, her car keys were locked inside my house as well.  Lovely, welcome home my friend!}

An hour of shady, breezy summer afternoon later, the locksmith arrived and 10 minutes later we were welcomed by a cool blast of arctic refreshment as the door was opened.  Ahhhh!  It felt like the heavens parted.  I rushed in with my daughter, luggage, and wallet in tow.  My sweet friend retrieved her keys and was on her way home, while I was left to settle the $250 bill with the locksmith at the kitchen counter.  My frustration was slightly boiling, probably due to the summer heat or my hungry toddler, as quickly I set out to begin my unpacking and preparing for the week ahead, passing the kitchen counter at least a hundred times (well at least 5).

And then, it hit me – there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter, a love note, and a jar of farmers market feta cheese.  Love was waiting to welcome me home.  And I missed it.

Lovely Welcome Home

I was so caught up in the hustle, bustle, and frustration of the day that I completely missed this beautiful gesture.  I’m sitting here shaking my head as I think about it.  How did I miss it?  Because I was so wrapped up in the moment – my plan, my emotions.

I’ve thought about this a number of times over the past weeks and realized that this is definitely a blind spot for me – my plan, my emotions.  How many times do I let the hustle, bustle, and frustration of the life cause me to miss the sight of the beautiful, loving gestures of my Heavenly Father?  Far too often.  Sigh.   I’m learning to embrace correction {that’s for another post} and this is a correction that I’m working to make – to slow down, let go of my plan and my emotions to see what beautiful, lovely things He has for me.

How many times do I let the hustle, bustle, and frustration of the life cause me to miss the sight of the beautiful, loving gestures of my Heavenly Father?  Far too often.

Lord, thank you for the lovely, beautiful things you have right in front of me.  I commit to making the changes necessary to see the things you have for me.  Please give me your vision, even in the midst of the hustle, bustle and frustration of life. 

Uniquely Yours,



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