Man, Satan is good.  Really good, or is it bad, really bad?  Well, either way he’s really good at distracting me which is really bad.  Are you with me?

The Lord has been good (truly GOOD) to fill a space in my life that had grown void – ministering to women.  I had lost my way due to some “junk in my trunk” of life.  (That’s for another post…)  But, He was gracious to restore that sweet space of ministry earlier this fall.  And boy, has He restored it. I’ve been blessed to, yet again, get to know some wonderful women with a heart and desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.  It’s humbling to see His outpouring of love and growth in each of their lives.

So, fast forward into our study a few weeks as the Lord starts to show myself and my dear co-leader what is next for the study.  And it’s GOOD, I mean really GOOD.  It’s the stuff that sets the foundation for even more GREAT stuff.  But then, ah yes, then distraction sets in.   And, it’s in the form of wonderful stuff – a new house, a sweet little girl, business travel for the hubby, and school.  Add in a dose of procrastination to the hefty portion of school, and there you go – full-blown distraction.

Isn’t it crazy how that happens?  You’re trucking right along doing what you are supposed to be doing, and then *BAM* you get paralyzed in different places for reasons that you can’t comprehend.  The reality is that school is not terribly hard, it just takes dedication to get the work done.  But for some reason, this time I was hitting a block every time I attempted to get school work done.  Today, as I finished off my work and was emailing to my professor I realized, I’m now free of distraction to resume my preparation for the stuff that really matters.  Procrastination may have had me trapped in distraction this time, but I’m aware of it now and correction has been made.

Dear Lord,

I praise you for the mind you have blessed me with, as well as all of the wonderful things that are happening in my life.  I pray that you will allow those things to not be a distraction from what’s really important.  I commit to be disciplined to accomplish what needs to be done as quickly as possible, and not allow the things of this world to cause me to lose sight or time from the things of eternal significance.  Allow this “what’s next” with these sweet ladies to be powerful and life-changing in You!



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